Femmes & Fidos - Holistic Grooming Spa, Doggie-Play-Care & Pet Sitting

 Pampered Play Groups
Femmes & Fidos provides a protected, reduced stress environment for your dog to play when you are away. Our attendants are trained to read and understand dog body language allowing better control of the play groups. Private or same family play times are available for any dog not participating in the group daycare setting.
Grooming Spa
At Femmes & Fidos, we provide a comprehensive spa experience for your cat or dog. Our specially trained groomers have experience with all breeds and are happy to consult with you prior to and after the salon session. We offer basic bathing services, full-service styling, and creative grooming packages for those who desire a more unique look. Our Spa is equipped with padded bathing tub, cushioned grooming tables, private pet suites, toys, fresh linens and individual watering dishes for each guest. Playtime and walks are provided during visits so that anxiety levels are decreased and their experience is more pleasurable. We use bathing products that are essential oil based, as opposed to those with chemical additives, and the utilization of aromatherapy techniques creates a relaxing environment.
Overnight Retreats & Pet SittingFemmes & Fidos was created to satisfy loving pet owners who want more than just a typical boarding establishment. Pups in our care receive 5-7 outdoor potty breaks per day and each suite is bedded with fresh blankets and clean water at all times. All overnight guests participate in play-care from 8am until 10pm at night, and bedtime is from 11pm to 7am.  All of our guests wake up ready to play after a calm restful nights sleep! Stephen and Patty, the owners, live above the salon and they are constantly engaged in your pet's activities and care. Throughout your pet's visit you will receive text messages, emails, and pictures from your furry children. We guarantee that you will not find another pet care facility that provides the kind of personal service and loving care than the staff at Femmes & Fidos!

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